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Related terms with EWS

EWS: Early warning systems, evacuation route, emergency, disaster preparedness, siren, risk communication, evacuation shelter, victims, evacuees, hazard maps, disaster scenario, logistics, GIS based risk and vulnerability assessment, etc. Those words are found in the context of EWS but with less … Continue reading

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From Cultural Heritage to Advanced Technology: A three-day journey

“A three day trip?” – that sounds very nice. That came to my mind when I was first asked by Ohashi-san to join the trip to be organized by the Graduate School of Engineering Kyoto University. Coming to Japan has … Continue reading

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Kyoto: a Famous and Fabulous City (1)

Long time before I came to Japan it had seemed that I was familiar with the word “Kyoto”. I wondered why it was so but finally I came to realize that it was true. Half a year I spent in … Continue reading

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Half a year has just been passed since I first landed in the land of Wa (は) – Japan. New things I have come across and learnt notably as follows: language, cultures, foods.

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Does it ring a bell? I am telling two things now which may be related each other or not. The first is Ohana. If any of you have ever seen a cartoon movie “Lilo and Stitch” you may know this … Continue reading

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Sakura in Kyoto

Sakura or cherry blossom is blooming in Kyoto area. Sakura, a national symbolic flower of Japan, is very popular not only in Japan but also worldwide. Nevertheless, this famous flower blooms only for a very short periods of time, between … Continue reading

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Early Warning

What is early warning about? Yesterday my friend’s stomach had a sound because he was hungry. Was it an early warning? While a few weeks ago another friend had his bicycle stolen because he had not not buy lock and … Continue reading

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