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Kamogawa River: Evening Views

This is a picture of Kamogawa River in the evening which was taken from the bridge at Sanjo Street in Kyoto City. I like the view because it combines the lights with reflection from the river and dark background of … Continue reading

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Wants Twin, Triple? This is the solution

Maybe you know that in China there is a policy that a woman can only give birth in one time. Otherwise, the family will get fined or pay high amount of money. This is difficult for the poor. However in … Continue reading

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Sad but true: Lost Generation?

It is sad to imagine but may be true. Nearly 50% of Indonesia’s population still lives on less than two dollars per day (BBC, 2007). While some Indonesian can happily enjoy the facilities that they have, it is too bad … Continue reading

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Social life: How it shapes you

Recently I have thought about the term of social life. What makes human different is because of the existence of feelings, thoughts and also social life. Human can not live alone. Maybe he can but then there is possibility he … Continue reading

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Life of a new researcher

If I am asked what is my job now, I will be with no doubt saying that I am a researcher. When I was asked this question five years ago: “What do you want to be?” I said “I wanna … Continue reading

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Thanks to UNU-EHS

I was waiting for the news from UNU-EHS on the result of my travel grant application for coming over to the Summer Doctoral Academy 2007 UNU-EHS and Munich Re. Previously my application to attend this academy had been selected in … Continue reading

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