Kamogawa River: Evening Views

This is a picture of Kamogawa River in the evening which was taken from the bridge at Sanjo Street in Kyoto City. I like the view because it combines the lights with reflection from the river and dark background of the night.

There is a plain area like an embankment along this river. During the weekend many youths come and enjoy the place. So, if you come to Kyoto don’t forget to pay an evening visit to Kamogawa river. You will enjoy it 🙂!


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4 Responses to Kamogawa River: Evening Views

  1. missdayeuh says:

    Sounds awesome, want to visit someday!
    But for now, let me say this: CONGRATULATIONS for the Prize! Enjoy you “homecoming” in Enschede :)))

  2. Saut says:

    Thank you mbak Mer! Yes will have a day visit to Enschi 🙂

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