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Why: Some (possible) answers

To continue my previous posting on “why”, I will write down some arguments below. Sometime I or we fail to see a larger picture. We question “why?” because we are not satisfied with present condition. But we fall short to … Continue reading

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Why: Unending questions

We face a lot of questions in lives. One of the questions can start from why. Recently I’ve encountered a lot of “why” questions. The most recent one was news that my friend was identified having cancer in his body. He … Continue reading

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Chand Sifarish

This is a soundtrack song from Fanaa movie. It is one of the best bollywood movies. It won several awards of 2006 and remarked the come back of Kajol after off for four years. Kajol won the award as the best … Continue reading

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Learning Language

Learning language is interesting as well as challenging. Do you think so too? Certainly is very interesting for me 🙂 I must regret that I did not spend my childhood learning foreign languages. I started learning english intensively after finishing … Continue reading

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Rusia: We want more babies

(picture is from BBC, 2007) Many countries suffer the syndrom of decreasing number of babies born. This phenomena normaly takes place in more developed nations. To tackle this problem there are a lot of policies applied such: money insentives for … Continue reading

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Palembang Online

Just after googling, I found out there is a website that has streaming videos of Palembang City updated online. Mainly the cameras are installed around Ampera Bridge (Jembatan Ampera) and Great Mosque (Mesjid Agung). The link is here

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Image of Hurricane Felix, Sept 04 2007

Below is an image of hurricane felix that is moving and hitting Caribean Sea and some countries nearby such Nicaragua, Honduras and Costarica. Source:

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