Kyoto: After a year has been passed by

Yesterday I had my first year “anniversary” living in Kyoto. Time goes by quickly, yet a lot of memories have taken place 🙂 .

I have learnt Japanese. It is still not good enough but it is now quite good for survival need ;-). When I came here I did not understand Japanese at all. Thankfully, a friend of mine assisted me to do all registration stuffs: got the alien card, opened a bank account and registered to the university. Three days ago I assisted one new PhD student from Nepal in our lab. Like me a year ago, he does not understand Japanese. It was a good experience for me because I could apply my Japanese abilities. Hahaha, I was still struggling though 😉 . But the important thing is that I could convey the keywords with at least understandable grammar. Note that, it’s not a perfect grammar.

I think I really like Japanese now. As Mer says: “You’re lucky to study Japanese!”. I fully agree with that 🙂 .  This semeter I am planning to take another Japanese class. I hope to improve in conversational abilities. There will be a placement test this coming week. Ganbarimasu! (Do the best!)

Then how about my study life. I enjoy my study condition here. There is a free room for me to improve. With a lot of facilities here and the scholarship provided for me, I am very thankful for that. What is important now is just to focus. I should apply the essence of “ganbaru” (do the best!). One thing that is different with my previous study (in Indonesia or Netherlands), here the existence of lab. Lab consists of students of one professor (the head of the lab). Of course there is one or two associate professors to assist there. Students work and do their main research in the lab. In addition lab works like a family. We do a couple of things together, like: cleaning and arranging labs, having a trip together, chatting, eating outside and many things.

I and my wife are waiting for our new baby born. According to the doctor, the due time will be around the end of November. So far we have been very happy with the service from the hospital. I personally think Japan has very good service quality to treat customers.

My wife has made some friendship with Japanese. She could help to teach english to some people also. On the other hand she is learning Japanese from some volunteer teachers.

I am happy to have come back to Europe for two times since I lived in Japan. Some sweet memories in Europe tempt me to come back in the future (perhaps after finishing my study here). Yet I say to my self, Kyoto or Japan is now my “home”. My responsibility is to fulfill my duty here for the two years to come. Let me see how things work. Maybe I extend my time here. Whatever it is Kyoto is now my home.

I will not say more things about Kyoto here because you can just have a look on the Kyoto tag of my posting. Two years will come. I am looking forward for that 🙂

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4 Responses to Kyoto: After a year has been passed by

  1. mer says:

    happy anniversary!!! 🙂

  2. Saut says:

    Thanks Mer! When is your anniversary in Tempe? I think you have been more than a year there, right 😉 ?

  3. Savitri says:

    Tiup 1 lilin donk 😉

  4. Saut says:

    Huffffff, the candle is off now..Hurry! 🙂

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