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December: my baby and research

Hectic weeks, but thank GOD, we manage it. First of all, the new baby born has required us to have “extra” work. I and my wife divided the job. All the baby’s documents are my responsibilities while the daily needs … Continue reading

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My next fieldwork place

After more than a year staying here, including: conducting literature review, doing a lot of contacts, shifting the research themes a little bit, finally I will conduct the next fieldwork. I am happy for fieldwork because fieldwork is the way … Continue reading

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Traveling Dream

Starting another “traveling” dream, why not? Last year I had a dream for traveling to Brussels and Munchen. Finally it turned out into reality in this year. This time is already the end of 2007 and therefore it is the … Continue reading

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Sarah: Kid’s documents

Our little princess is called: Sarah. The complete name is: Sarah Haniel Sagala. We call her Sarah-chan. Chan is a calling for a kid in Japanese. Since last Friday (Nov 30th), up to today, I was very busy preparing for … Continue reading

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