Sarah: Kid’s documents

Our little princess is called: Sarah. The complete name is: Sarah Haniel Sagala. We call her Sarah-chan. Chan is a calling for a kid in Japanese.

Since last Friday (Nov 30th), up to today, I was very busy preparing for her documents here. Those include: registration for a citizen at Uji City Hall, National Health Insurance, discount for health check up, support from city hall for baby and including two more things today: making the passport and birth certificate. It’s funny to see that Sarah has her own passport with age less than two weeks. For the passport, she needed to have a facial photograph. It was not easy since she still could not easily balance her body and open her eyes. But after several attempts, my wife could get the best shot for the photograph. And in addition to that, Sarah needed to have a finger print to put on the application. So, this morning we tried to get her finger print. However as she is still very small, her finger print means only red ink printed on the paper without clear textures 🙂 .

Then in the afternoon I went to the Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka. It took around 1 hour by train from my place to Osaka. The trip and train were convenient. I took train to Yodoyabashi by Keihan then changed to another line with at stop at Shinsaibashi Station. The consulate is right near the Shinsaibashi Station. The process took in total 3 hours until I received the passport and the birth certificate.

Next work will be preparing the visa for her and another registration at Uji City Hall.

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