My next fieldwork place

After more than a year staying here, including: conducting literature review, doing a lot of contacts, shifting the research themes a little bit, finally I will conduct the next fieldwork. I am happy for fieldwork because fieldwork is the way to get proper data that we need. My previous research studies: for my BSc and MSc, fieldwork helped me to get good data and sub-sequently good results as well.

This time I am going to survey the communities on the vicinity of Mt Merapi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The locations of the survey will be carried out on the basis of disaster risk zone. According to the information I had received from several sources, I decided to carry out the survey at 13-14 villages where around 240 – 320 households hopefully will be interviewed within 30 days. It is a large sample of data and therefore will be “hard” I suppose, but still it is not an impossible work. I will try my best. 🙂 Ganbarimashu.

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2 Responses to My next fieldwork place

  1. mer says:

    hey… great location. i actually am interested to do research on Jalin Merapi…. a community based media…. so we’ll see, perhaps we’ll meet there next summer!

  2. Saut says:

    ouw that’s great to hear that. maybe we can “adjust” the fieldwork time. i heard about jalin merapi. i am involved with community based environment/forest NGO. but this time they work with me on preparedness on disaster risk and risk communication. well, media is also part of risk communication. 🙂

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