December: my baby and research

Hectic weeks, but thank GOD, we manage it.

First of all, the new baby born has required us to have “extra” work. I and my wife divided the job. All the baby’s documents are my responsibilities while the daily needs of baby are my wife. In addition to that we are very greatful to my father and mother in law who have come to help us here. Otherwise it could be much more hectic.

Today I just finished all the documents for Sarah. The final documents (beside those that I mentioned earlier) include visa and also re-stamp by the city hall. I arranged the visa on wednesday and it was completed within a day. A friend of mine earlier had informed me that it would take around 1 – 2 weeks. But I was surprised as I received it just 1 hour after I submitted. So amazing! And today I brought the visa, showed it to the city hall so that the city hall could re-register her alien registration card.

My wife, Elisabeth, has been working very hard ever since the baby born.  Our cute “Sarah” almost every night wakes up several times all night, like on 12 pm or 2 am in the morning. And in the morning Sarah also wakes up on 06:00 am. And anytime she is awake, she needs to be feed by my wife. Therefore my wife should adjust with the baby’s time in order to take care of the baby while at the same time to recover herself.

I have been also very busy with my fieldwork preparation. I shall repeat: “Thank GOD! The preparation has run smoothly.” It was not easy though, but finally many things seem clearer: ticket, permission from my supervisor, fieldwork plan, contact persons, methodology, questionnaire etc. Many people: starting from my supervisor, the lab secretary, friends have been very kind to help me. In addition, since my questionnaire needs to be translated into Indonesian, my Indonesian friend in my lab kindly helped me to correct and give inputs on my original translation. Some works still remain undone. But nevertheless, I am ready to go (for collecting the data)!! 🙂

Though I feel some time tired with the hectic time that I have, but the baby at home easily returns the happines to me. When I come back I always see her, embrace her and brings her into my arms. This brings me really good feeling. So, baby and research, both brings happines.

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5 Responses to December: my baby and research

  1. mer says:

    hey congrats for all success in all sides of life — research, baby, etc…. :)))
    kisses for baby Sarah!

    btw: i just posted the online file of my Jakarta paper you asked for in my pubs site.

  2. Saut says:

    thanks mbak Mer. i am just thankful to enjoy the life – research. a lot of workd and challenging, yet interesting and enjoyable. good luck for you too!

  3. Cia says:

    Hai Saut…
    selamat sibuk yah dengan si dede kecil.
    It must be very exciting yahh…

    btw, aku link blog mu di blogspot ku yahh..


  4. Luluk says:

    Congratulations!!! Welcome to parenting world 🙂 It is such a great experience, combining family and work. Success for your both endeavours!

  5. Saut says:

    Cia: Thanks buat ucapannya. Iya nih lagi ber sibuk ria dengan dia dan juga riset..Boleh, buat aja link nya.

    Luluk: Yupe, I just joined the parenting world. It is exciting to do both working and taking care of a baby. 🙂

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