Escape to Timbuktu

Have you ever heard about Timbuktu? If you are Donald Duck lovers, this will sound familiar to you. It is a name of a city where Donald wants to escape everytime he has a problem.

Today, by chance, I found a literature about Timbuktu and eventually found the photo of the city in case any of us wants to escape there 😉 . The information is from Center for Development and Environment, Univ of Oslo, Norway.



According to Wikipedia, Timbuktu is  a city located in Tombouctou Region, in the West African nation of Mali (wikipedia). Maybe I can also add this place later as my future travel dream, who knows 😉

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4 Responses to Escape to Timbuktu

  1. mer says:

    hahaha….. Timbuktu….. when i was a lil’ kid i always joked about sending my friends there. but just months ago, I found out that Timbuktu is actually one of Tempe’s sister cities!!! oh my!!!

  2. Savitri says:

    Timbuktu oh Timbuktu … so indeed such city exists.

  3. Jon says:

    Timbuktu is for real. Last year I spent one month in Mali- 3 days in and around Timbuktu. I took a river boat up the Niger River from Mopti (3 days) and arrived on the outskirts of Timbuktu. Determined to find some sand dunes, I continued by 4X4, 50 miles north to beautiful white sand dunes in an area called Essakane, spent the night in a Tuareg village sleeping on the sand and then returned the last 10 miles to Timbuktu by camel. I was most amazed by seeing students pull out their cell phones and send text messages as they left the high school. Check out a great shot of soccer players on the outskirts of the city on my website:

  4. daniel says:

    it is actually the hottest city in the world whit up 80 degrees

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