Seoul the 3rd

This is about my third landing to Korean Land (March 20-22). Land of Kimchi, land of Ginseng 🙂

However this time is different. I came together with my lab mates. We’re in a lab trip. Last year we went to Awaji. But this time we had a chance to go to Korea.

Early flight, early woke up

The flight was 9:30 am from Kansai International Airport (KIX). It meant we had to be very early from Kyoto. Four o’clock I woke up in order to catch the train on 5:35 from the station. But the weather was bad, it had been all day long raining. Anyway I got to go. I met my friends in Ohbaku Station (two) and later on some more at Kangetsukyo (three). We could have gone by MK van, but it costs almost double price. The good thing about MK just because they pick you up right at your house. However I love train better.

We arrived at 7:40 at Kansai train station, in time! Then we met the other members and we were all complete except our prof who later on came and met us. This time we flew with Asiana, a Korean airline. Asiana serves smaller aircraft than Korean Air. We flew with Airbus 321. Normally Korean Air serves Boeing 747. But for food, it is much better in Asiana. Korean Air only serves Sushi rools and drink. That’s all. Asiana serves bento, with larger porsion and of course more delicious 🙂 . I love Asiana!

Well we arrived at Incheon around 11:30. This time the view was better. Leaves started to grow after winter time had passed. I learn something that may be useful to share. At the Incheon, there is money changer counter(s) at the first floor, which is the arrival. But if you want to have better rate, don’t change it there . Do it at the third floor. After my previous experience, this time I managed to do it better. With a quick run, I went to the third floor and changed my Yen into Won.

We were fetched by a Korean travel agent – cooperation with – our travel agent in Japan. Later on by bus, we left Incheon for Seoul around 12:00. This time we were heading to Duty Free Mall. It was around 13:00 when we arrived at the Mall. After forty minutes going around, some of us did some shopping and some enjoyed the food from pedestrian, we went to the hotel. We were waiting there until our Korean friend came to see us.

Free Kimchi

It was in a late afternoon. We were all hungry and rush into a Korean food stall. But all the menu are written in Korean. No way, what should we do? (Komatta na?)

My Korean friend helped us and translated each menu to us. Having heard him, I shouted, I want Kimchi! FYI, Kimchi is Korean food (later on I realized that it’s like “Sambal” or spices). SO he said to me: “Easy Sagala San, Kimchi is free in Korea. You can take it as much as you want, but order other food.” I see. Now I realize it’s really like Sambal. No one order sambal in Indonesia just for the main coarse, right?

We went to a War Museum of Korea. This museum collects all pictures, miniatures of Korean weapon from an ancient time up to present. In addition it also has information and collections about Korean War (1950 – 1953).

The visit to Museum was over at 5:00 pm as it was the time the museum closed. The traffic was very crowded (see the following pic).

And then we headed to a tradition Korean food where we were served with Korean Style Sashimi.


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