Current Affiliation

Since December 2009, I have worked as an assistant professor at School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Institute of Technology Bandung. I belong to research group of regional and rural planning (Perencanaan Wilayah dan Perdesaan) and center for disaster mitigation (Pusat Mitigasi Bencana).


I stayed in Japan (2006-2010) and conducted my PhD research at Research Center for Disaster Reduction System, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University. My study in Japan was kindly supported by the Japanese Government through Monbukagakusho Scholarship. My tasks were to develop a model of social resilience of communities for volcanic disaster. Case study areas were in Mt. Merapi, a volcano located at the North part of Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia and Mt. Sakurajima, a volcano island, located in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.


Initially I took a master study at Department of Architecture, ITB from 2003-2004 with specialization in Housing Program. I learned the process of how demand and supply for housing take place and how the government and planners can react to such circumstances in the case of developing countries. However I did not finish this because from Sept 2004 – March2006, I pursued a master study in Urban Planning and Land Administration in International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Enschede, the Netherlands with the generous full financial support from STUNED Scholarship, from the Dutch Government. I was trained with many GIS applications for urban planning in ITC.

My MSc thesis was entitled: Analysis of Flood Physical Vulnerability for Residential Areas, case study, Naga City, the Philippines. In addition, based on this research, I followed up by submitting a paper in international symposium on water management in Bochum, Germany, September 2006. I gave an oral presentation on the topic of: “Reducing Vulnerability: The Model of Resilience in Naga City, the Philippines”.

In addition, in September 2006 I submitted this thesis for an international development cooperation prize competition held by Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation. After the selection process that had takem six months, in March 2007 my thesis was awarded as one of the winners for this competition. My thesis was categorized in the competition among North Universities, European Universities. On June 14, 2007 I went to Tervuren (a city near Brussels), Belgium to attend the prize-giving ceremony in the Royal Museum for Central Africa.

Bachelor and Jobs

After graduated in 2001 from Department of Regional and City Planning, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia, in the same year I got a job in Planning and Management consultant, Bandung, Indonesia. Subsequently in 2003, I joined an NGO, Bandung Trust Advisory Group where I conducted several research studies in urban planning and community development.

Future Goals

I would like to be a faculty in a university and to conduct research and teaching. Academic ambiance provides me the opportunity to discuss, argue and interchange (fresh) ideas with colleagues and students. One of my ultimate goals is to establish a research center in a developing country where I can contribute and be practically able to solve community’s problems.