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December: my baby and research

Hectic weeks, but thank GOD, we manage it. First of all, the new baby born has required us to have “extra” work. I and my wife divided the job. All the baby’s documents are my responsibilities while the daily needs … Continue reading

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Sarah: Kid’s documents

Our little princess is called: Sarah. The complete name is: Sarah Haniel Sagala. We call her Sarah-chan. Chan is a calling for a kid in Japanese. Since last Friday (Nov 30th), up to today, I was very busy preparing for … Continue reading

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Uji Festival

Uji is one of the cities that has a lot of historical stories about Japan. One of which is normally celebrated with festivities in Uji Bridge, which is one of the oldest bridge in Japan. I and my wife often … Continue reading

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Birds and Water

I have put some photos of “birds and water” on the following link. They are pictures of birds from Kamogawa River (Kyoto City) and Uji River (Uji City), Kyoto Prefecture. Those pictures remind me that we can be friendly to … Continue reading

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Kyoto: After a year has been passed by

Yesterday I had my first year “anniversary” living in Kyoto. Time goes by quickly, yet a lot of memories have taken place 🙂 . I have learnt Japanese. It is still not good enough but it is now quite good … Continue reading

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Reunion, Lost and Found in one night

I and my friends (former Japanese Language classmates) went to hang out in Kyoto City on Sanjo-Shijo District on yesterday Saturday evening. There were two Indonesians, one Spanish and one Vietnamese. The meeting point was in front of Starbuck near … Continue reading

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Explore Kyoto City (2)

This posting is the second series after the first posting that I made a few months ago. Sorry, it’s really late 😉 . I will just let the pictures talk for themselves. These pictures were taken from Kinkakuji Temple, Gion … Continue reading

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