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Kyoto: After a year has been passed by

Yesterday I had my first year “anniversary” living in Kyoto. Time goes by quickly, yet a lot of memories have taken place 🙂 . I have learnt Japanese. It is still not good enough but it is now quite good … Continue reading

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Why: Some (possible) answers

To continue my previous posting on “why”, I will write down some arguments below. Sometime I or we fail to see a larger picture. We question “why?” because we are not satisfied with present condition. But we fall short to … Continue reading

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Why: Unending questions

We face a lot of questions in lives. One of the questions can start from why. Recently I’ve encountered a lot of “why” questions. The most recent one was news that my friend was identified having cancer in his body. He … Continue reading

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Little by little

Pff, it took me uneasy to do it all. First thing first that was what I had in mind. But surely it was not easy at all for me. “Dressed for success” a song by Roxette helped me a lot … Continue reading

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Social life: How it shapes you

Recently I have thought about the term of social life. What makes human different is because of the existence of feelings, thoughts and also social life. Human can not live alone. Maybe he can but then there is possibility he … Continue reading

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Half a year has just been passed since I first landed in the land of Wa (は) – Japan. New things I have come across and learnt notably as follows: language, cultures, foods.

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March 2007: @ compact yet pleasant month

Yes, March 2007 is going to over and let me share a bit. From DPRI annual conference to a very important news yesterday and some events in between colored all important events not only for this month but perhaps also … Continue reading

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