Visited Places

This page records places I have visited so far:

  • Indonesia: have had extensive research experiences in West Java, Yogyakarta, West Sumatra, enough exposures to many Big and Small Java Cities, South Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Long experience stayed in Yogyakarta, Palembang and Bandung and a lot of exposures of Cities/Districts in North Sumatra (Kisaran, Parapat, Samosir)
  • Japan: Nagoya, Nara, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Awaji, Owase, Uji
  • Philippines: Manila, Naga
  • Netherlands: almost all big cities from east to west and north to south (it’s a small country though 😉 )
  • Germany: Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Munster, Osnabruck, Bremen, Bochum, Bonn, Koln, Frankfurt, Munich
  • France: Paris
  • Belgium: Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Brugge
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • Thailand: Bangkok
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  • South Korea: Seoul, Busan
  • China: Beijing, Hong Kong
  • Italy: Venice
  • Taiwan: Taipei